Resident's Survey

Putney is a great place to live and both as a local resident and MP I am working hard to make a difference in our community.

Locally, I am focussing on the issues that matter to all of us, whether that is protecting our quality of life and local environment on Putney High Street and leading the campaign against more aircraft noise from Heathrow, or making sure crime is tackled and our public transport services are improved, including a second entrance for Putney Station.

This survey is to help me make sure I am working on your priorities for our community.  If you’ve a specific issue you would like me to follow up then just email me directly. I’ll be happy to follow up your concerns and do my best to help.

Justine Greening Resident's Survey

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1.1 Which THREE of these local issues do you think should be prioritised?
Check THREE boxes only.
1.2. Improving Putney High Street is a big priority for our area. Which TWO of the following would you most like to see?
Check TWO boxes only.
1.3. Do you support Justine's campaign for a 2nd entrance at Putney Station?
1.4. Do you support Justine's Creditworthiness Assessment Bill for better credit scores and access to affordable credit for renters?
1.5.The Government is investing an extra £20 billion into the NHS. Which services would you most like to see the money spent on locally? (Tick 3)
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