Autumn Budget

The Government has produced its Budget.  You can see the whole Budget here, but some key points for our area include: 

Putney High Street Improvements

This month I had several meetings to push forward projects to improve Putney High Street and the surrounding areas.

Road Safety on Putney Hill

Following an increase of letters and emails about road safety concerns in Putney, I leafletted the roads around Putney Hill to ask what residents thought could be improved. 

An Update for EU citizens in the UK

I wanted to provide an update on the Prime Minister's statement on the ongoing discussions surrounding the rights of EU citizens living in the UK, which I know is a hugely important issue to us all locally.  

Future jobs as part of Roehampton Regeneration

This month I met with officials from JobCentre Plus to get an update on how the roll out of Universal Credit will work locally.  If you ever have any concerns or problems locally with UC or any other benefits payments, do get in touch. 

Roehamtpon Regeneration Update

I had several meetings this month on the regeneration of the Alton Estate in Roehampton.  The plans for the regeneration have now had feedback from residents through recent workshops which were held to get a better understanding of what people want to see for the area.

Road Safety around Putney Hill

Over the last week, I’ve been leafleting the Putney Hill area about suggestions for improved road safety. If you have any concerns or ideas for improvement, get in touch!

Moped Crime Update

I have written to the Police Minister Nick Hurd to clarify what the police are able to do in relation to moped crime following a meeting with local residents and the Borough Commander of the Metropolitan Police.  

Update on EU Withdrawal Bill

I wanted to provide an update on the European Union Withdrawal Bill which passed its second reading in the House of Commons this month.  The overall purpose of the Bill is to make sure we don’t have any legal “holes” when we leave the EU.