University of Roehampton Meeting and higher education funding

As you may be aware, the Department for Education is reviewing how it funds higher education and is due to publish its report early next year.

This is an issue that comes up frequently when I talk to young people and parents in our community, particularly with having the University of Roehampton locally. I met with South Thames College students and the President of the Roehampton Student Union, Chuchu Nwagu, to discuss their concerns and my proposals for fixing the current student fees system.

We had a broader discussion about the progress the University is making locally and it's great to hear about plans for developing new courses in nursing, which will work well alongside the strong footprint the University already has in teacher training.

I also fed in the concerns that were raised and my ideas to the Higher Education Minister, Sam Gyimah, to feed into the review. You can read about my proposals here.