Southfields Gas Repairs

Following the bank holiday weekend, I received a number of messages from residents and businesses about emergency gas works on the junction of Replingham Road and Wimbledon Park Road. People were concerned that they hadn't received any notice of the works and didn't know how long they were going to continue for.

I’ve rapidly learnt about gas networks but the gist of the problem is the following. All of our homes have a small gas pipe coming into it that feeds our cooker, central heating etc. That pipe is fed by a bigger gas pipe in the road, which is fed by an ever bigger pipe on a bigger road which is then fed by a “main” gas pipe from a main road. That “main” pipe is BIG - in fact if you look into the hole at the top of Replingham Road that feeds gas to Southfields, you can actually take a look. Its the Southfields BIG pipe that someone could smell gas leaking from last week. So it’s being fixed - and asap. Fortunately it can be done whilst keeping everyone's gas supplies still running.

I followed up with SGN and arranged an on site meeting this week to see how the works were progressing. The works will be ongoing for six weeks. There were already upgrade works planned for October so SGN has brought those forward to also get on with at the same time, so they don't have to come back for another six week period later this year.

What are the upgrade works? Well, all these gas pipes were mostly laid by the Victorians, so they’ve done us proud but need updating - that’s the other work that was already planned to happen along Augustus Road....another one of the BIG pipes.

A local drop-in session has been arranged for local businesses and residents to discuss the works with SGN on Tuesday, 4 September at the Olive Garden from 9-11am. The project team can also be reached on 01689 881564 between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday or anytime on 0800 912 1700 if there are any specific enquiries. Of course, you can let me know too if there are problems and I’ll get them chased up.