Roehampton Playing Fields Update

For the past year I've chaired the Roehampton Playing Fields Community Trust meetings. This is a group of local residents who have come together to form the Trust and develop plans for how the Roehampton playing fields could be better run with involvement from our local community.

There's been some great work from the Trust to bring in all sorts of local groups and residents that are keen to see how they can get more involved with using the playing fields. Dover House Lions is a fantastic local children's football club that's been at the centre of the work and alongside that is the involvement of a local cricket club, local schools, youth charity Regenerate, our local NHS from Queen Mary's Hospital and a range of other groups. The Trust has now got some well developed plans about how we can really take care of the playing fields, and help them be a really well used and well loved amenity by everyone locally. It's been crucial to have our West Putney councillors involved and helping out too, including Councillor Steffi Sutters. We're now hoping that a council meeting next week will agree to open up a new process for how the playing fields are run and looked after that our Trust can put it's proposal into. There'll be a consultation first, and I'll keep residents updated on that.