Public Meeting on the Putney Plastic Pledge - 10 March, 10 am, St Mary's Church

Join the Putney Plastics Pledge - Public Meeting 10 March at 10am at St Mary's Church, Putney
This Saturday, I'm kicking off a community project to help us work together locally to move towards a plastic free Putney. I’m setting up a working group of residents, schools, shops, businesses and community groups who can work across our community to get simple ideas to help cut plastic use happening in Putney. Really the more people that get involved, the bigger difference we can make. I’m hosting a kick-off meeting on Saturday, 10th of March at 10am at St Mary’s Church on Putney High Street. 
Getting involved in the Putney Plastic Pledge is really simple. I’m asking people, shops and businesses and schools to make the Putney Plastic Pledge - it just means you’ve committed to trying to reduce your own home or organisation’s plastic usage and are taking some steps towards doing that. Basically, it’s about getting us all moving in the same direction. Even doing a little bit better in all of our homes, workplaces and shops could add up to a big difference. If you’re a resident, design your own logo and put a sign in the window to say you’re on board! Or if you’re an employer, do the same, but let me know if you’re making the Putney Plastic Pledge and I’ll add you to my list of local employers who are signed up.    
It'd be great to see loads of people involved - especially by Boat Race weekend in a fortnight, and by sharing our ideas on cutting down on plastic we can make it easier and also do better. 
If you'd like to be involved, either come along to my kick off meeting this Saturday, or just drop me a line or give my office a call, and I'll keep you in the loop once things get kicked off.  

Best wishes,

Justine Greening MP