Heathrow Public Meeting

I held a public meeting on 20 February at the Community Church in Werter Road and was joined by three representatives from Heathrow, Councillor John Locker from Wandsworth Council and Paul McGuinness from the No Third Runway Coalition. It gave us the opportunity to get some more information direct from Heathrow Airport about their current consultation on their proposals for the operation of three runways at an expanded Heathrow.

I think it's fair to say that they still weren't able to provide enough detail to reassure residents that our community will not be significantly affected by airspace change proposals which will increase the number of flights by 25,000 per year – that’s 68 a day -that are planned with just two runways, even before there is a third. A new third runway also means new flight paths, which will likely see many more local areas like West Hill, Roehampton and Southfields affected.

The questions that residents rightly asked about noise, respite, night flights, safety and the impact on public health are all issues I've previously raised with Heathrow and with the Department for Transport as well as in the many consultations there have already been on airport expansion. It seems that there has not been any independent validation of the noise data that Heathrow have on their website telling residents how noisy planes may be in the future.