Green Wall at the Odeon and Putney High Street Update

At the end of last month I met with Nicola Grant, the Manager of Positively Putney, the Putney Business Improvement District (BID), to get an update on how the BID was doing in its second year and its plans going forward. They have some exciting things planned and are particularly going to focus on smartening up Putney High Street, whether cleaning up the pavements, painting railings and investing in more plants and foliage.

Alongside that, a package of improvements has been announced by Wandsworth Council which will improve traffic flow and reduce pollution and make the area safer and more pedestrian friendly, which should help make Putney a more appealing place to have a business and shop. It’s obviously a fantastic and unique location, having the River Thames on our doorstep and we need to make the most of that. The first phase of the overall plan will begin shortly and will see £640,000 invested in the area to improve junctions, narrow roads to increase pavement space, plant trees, improve cycle parking, etc. You can read the full report here. Local Thamesfield councillors and I are also working together to find additional funding for further phases, including from City Hall.

Finally, I regularly receive suggestions that the Odeon would be a perfect place to have a green wall, which would not only help the appearance of the high street, but would also help improve the air quality. The Odeon has indicated it would be willing to consider a green wall if we could show public support for the idea, so there is also a petition available here. If you could sign up or email me to add your support we can hopefully improve a pretty dull and uninspiring wall!