Aviation Strategy Green Paper and Consultation

The Department for Transport has launched its Aviation 2050 Green Paper to consult on future proposals for aviation including proposals to better manage the environmental impacts of aviation growth, including carbon, air quality and noise. 

The Green Paper proposes to put in place a stronger and clearer framework which addresses the limitations in current noise policy and ensures industry is properly incentivised to reduce noise, or to put mitigation measures in place if reductions aren’t possible. As our community is already very effected due to the noise of the Heathrow flightpath and the resulting pollution this causes, do have a read of these future proposals and have your say on the consultation until the 11th of April. I'll certainly be putting in a submission on behalf of our community. I am also continuing to campaign with other local MPs against the third runway proposal, and the legal case that Wandsworth Council is bringing with other Councils is proceeding through the courts.

In the meantime, you can read the Green Paper proposals and respond here.

Many constituents will have seen the huge disruption to Gatwick airport from the drones flown overhead and seen the obvious issues for Heathrow too, not only in relation to travel but also safety issues for planes arriving and landing. This is a concern I've raised in with the DfT in the past year already - it seems a clear risk that has not been properly dealt with, as the Gatwick experience shows. I am following this up with the DfT and it is clear that action needs to be taken not only to stop disruption but more importantly to ensure passenger and community safety.