Anti-Social Behaviour on Wildcroft Road

I have received regular complaints about flytipping, abandoned vehicles and car break-ins in the road. In turn, this sort of anti-social behaviour often attracts further incidents of potentially more serious criminal activity.

At the moment, as long as the vehicles are taxed and insured, they are able to park in Wildcroft Road because there are no parking restrictions at all. I know that when I have followed the issue up in the past that residents were not keen to see the introduction of parking restrictions which would prevent them parking in the road for much of the day. However, I’ve had lots more complaints recently and it does seem as if the situation has deteriorated, so I did a leaflet drop to ask local residents for their views on how it might best be tackled.

I've had a great response so far - thanks to everyone who's got in touch, and I will now let Wandsworth Council know residents' views on this.  In the meantime, I have also contacted the police to highlight residents’ broader crime concerns. As ever, the more of an overall picture I can get the better so do let me know your thoughts.