Pushing for Putney improvements

Central Putney really is the hub of our community with wonderful green spaces like Wandsworth Park and the River Thames which we are so lucky to have right on our doorstep. Putney High Street and Lower and Upper Richmond Roads have seen some change in recent years with new housing and offices being built, so this really is a good time to see how we can help improve the area.

Air quality is a real problem in central Putney and Putney High Street gets very congested meaning that traffic cannot keep flowing. I have met with representatives from City Hall and the Leader of Wandsworth Council to discuss the next steps to help improve air quality on Putney High Street following fresh evidence of regular breaches of air pollution levels. Wandsworth Council has now taken extra steps to reduce pollution levels. These include a ban on day-time deliveries to shops along Putney High Street and the introduction of fines to stop drivers from idling their vehicles. 

Meanwhile, the Mayor has announced that Putney High Street will become one of London’s first low emission bus zones and will finish converting the current fleet to hybrid buses with anti-pollutant systems within the next six months. These steps taken together should start to tackle the issue of air quality locally, and I will continue to monitor this issue and do all I can to make sure we have a cleaner high street.

The Thames Tideway Tunnel project has been in progress for some time and I have been working with local residents and businesses, as well as the Tideway team over the last 5 years to really get the best proposals possible for our community. The tunnel will tackle the tonnes of untreated sewage discharged into the River Thames along the Putney Embankment which will mean we can enjoy a much cleaner river. Nevertheless, the construction phase will have a big impact locally, and I have been working with my community working group and Tideway to ensure that wherever possible, we can mitigate the impacts locally.

The biggest success for us locally was having the proposal for a main tunnel site at Barn Elms revoked. Tideway has also agreed to carry over 90% of spoil by barge, reducing the impact on our local roads. If you would like to be kept up to date with news on the Thames Tideway Tunnel in Putney, or would like to join the Community Liaison Working Group, email Justine at greeningj@parliament.uk.