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Justine Greening MP Campaigns
Justine Greening MP CampaignsJustine Greening MP Campaigns

Thames Tunnel

The Thames Tunnel will tackle the huge sewage overflow problem our local community faces, but the challenge has always been saving Barn Elms from being the site of the proposed main drive shaft and how to connect our local Combine Sewer Overflows to the tunnel. I been working hard with local residents to get a better Thames Tunnel solution for us, and the phase two proposals contain some significant improvements locally.
Crucially Thames Water selected a different brownfield site for the preferred main drive shaft site instead of Barn Elms playing fields in the phase two proposals, which is great. The phase 2 plans also proposed works at three local Combine Sewer Overflow sites at Beverly Brook, Putney Bridge Foreshore and King George’s Park.

A number of residents are rightly concerned about how work on these sites will impact on our local community and what the long term impact on our local environment will be. I have raised these concerns in my discussions with Thames Water face to face and in my consultation response which you can view online here, to make sure they are fully aware of the impact the proposed preferred sites for the Thames Tunnel will have on residents locally.

The phase two consultation has now closed and Thames Water will be considering all the responses over the next few months. The next step will be when Thames Water publicise the proposed planning consent application in mid 2012, which will incorporate any changes Thames Water make as a result of this second phase of consultation.

To keep up to date with what I have been doing as our local MP to ensure the Thames Tunnel works for us and to make sure our concerns are heard by Thames Water please see my latest  Thames Tunnel update and press releases here.


The new Government has announced that it has scrapped the last Government’s plans for the third runway at Heathrow, as promised before the election.

This announcement is really fantastic news for us and will help protect our local quality of life.

The campaign against the Heathrow Third Runway saw all sorts of communities come together and though it took years to win the argument and get the decision ditched, we finally made it.

If you were one of the thousands of people who got involved in this local campaign then thank you so much - it made a massive difference.

Aircraft noise and pollution from Heathrow are still a concern for many residents though, and I will continue to raise these concerns with BAA to make sure our views are taken into account.


People across Putney, Roehampton and Southfields are rightly concerned about crime and anti-social behaviour in our area and the issue of youth on youth crime is especially concerning. I regularly meet with local Police chiefs to raise the concerns of local residents and highlight any areas experiencing particular crime problems. It is crucial that we get the best possible service locally, and make sure that Police resources are focussed where needed in our local community.

To read more about Justine's Crime campaign click here.

District Line

Like many people I depend on the District Line every day to get to work. I have lobbied London Underground to improve the service, already getting in place an extra train in morning rush hour and the installation of a lift at Southfields Station.

But further improvements can be made to enhance the reliability and comfort of District Line journeys, and I meet regularly with TfL to press the case for the District Line.”

To read more about Justine's District Line campaign click here.

Let Justine know the service issues as they happen, by using her MP Textline service - you can sign up by clicking here.

If you want to support Justine then please then enter your details below and sign up to the campaign to bring forward District Line improvements.


As your Member of Parliament for Putney, Roehampton and Southfields, I regularly meet with healthcare providers such as Wandsworth Primary Care Trust and St George's Hospital. At those meetings I am able to not just pursue individual constituents' concerns but also discuss how local NHS providers are coping with government mandated changes they are being asked to implement.

To represent our community well, it is very important for me to make sure that I have a balanced view of our local healthcare needs and how well they are being met. That is why I am now asking for your help. By completing my enclosed MP Community Healthcare Survey it will help make sure I have the best possible picture of residents' views on healthcare provision across our community.

To read more about Justine's Health campaign click here.

If you would like to show your support for Justine and her campaigns then please then enter your details below. Thank You!

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